He recalled how he had often felt slight pains in bed, perhaps due to lying in an awkward position, pains that proved imaginary when he got up, and he was eager to see how today’s illusion would gradually dissolve.
 ”The Metamorphosis” - Franz Kafka (via slayriahcarey)
Dear Diary: 01/01/2014

She is trying so hard to make up for the times she didn’t have with her mom that it makes it difficult to let her be mine. 

Yesterday. Soon to be tomorrow.

Today I am 21 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

This sweet angel is a little girl, who deserves so much more than what I will be able to teach her.

Her father is an honorable man, and she will have four incredibly diverse aunts that will teach her and help her become kind, accepting, and God loving. 

The only gift I can give is the gift of life and unending forgiveness.

My only wish, hope, and prayer is for her health and happiness.


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